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• 11/27/2017

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• 3/30/2014

"Among the Dead" Starter Bios and Rules Board

Derived from my semi-popular and little known "Barely Surviving" zombie story, I have decided to reboot it here. Basically, the forum format is best for this kind of story, as it allows several groups to exist at once, as well as provide narratives from many different survivors, offering a  more rich experience. Before we get started here, there are some rules:
Rules of the Zombie Apocalypse
1. No godmodding: Everyone in this story is a normal human. There are no super powers, just ordinary people with weapons.
2. No Mary-Sues or Marty-Stus: You cannot have some perfect-at-everything and totally-no-flaws character. This is something highly unrealistic in even the normal world, much less the zombie apocalypse, where everyone's messed up from the things they have to do to survive.
3. You can ony control your own character: Any character owned by you is under your control. You cannot kill off, injure, or in some way determine the fate of a character owned by another user. If the character belongs to you, you may kill them off to your leisure.
4. Keep the atmosphere appropriate: Gritty, dark, and sarcastic or sardonic humor is okay in harsh times, as many people cope this way in real times of tragedy. But acting inappropriately or too "silly" or ridiculous is not permitted. Keep character reactions as realistic as you can. So yes, that means no randomly bursting into the "Thriller" dance with the zombies while wearing nothing but a sombrero. Keep it real.
5. Try to keep posts longer than just RP-style asterisk based things: Describe how your character feels, what they see, etc. You don't need to have incredible writing and grammar skills or use intense vocabulary, just be in the mindset of your character and stay in character. You don't have to write a novel either. Even just a few sentences will do so long as they provide your character's insight.
6. Keep it relevant: No external posts will be permitted. Everything in the roleplay blog needs to be pertinent to the roleplay. 
7. There is a character limit: Each person will be permitted 3 living characters to control. Zombies/walkers/biters are free for anyone to control, but you cannot kill off another person's character without their permission.
8. Have fun: Does this part even need to be explained?
TIP: Do not commit your character to a team unless you are going to be able to post often. If you join a team with other users and do not post as frequently as needed to, you will hold the others up.
Character Fill-In Form
Below this post, you will be able to create your zombie apocalypse character. There is a format to fill out, so I will start by posting mine below. Use mine as a model.
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• 8/6/2013

Merger with Anime Arts

Here's the situation. Last night on Anime Arts chat, the users and admins and I have been discussing a merger. This could easily increase the traffic, attention, and widely increase the community and userbase. This is a very positive and constructive process that can help both wikis.

What does this mean?
A merger is when two wikis combine communities. This means that Anime Arts would redirect here.
If this goes through, we will import all character pages and articles to this wiki, as well as all constructive/relevant files. The content quantity will be immensely massive, as there will end up with over 500 articles. Some files will not be imported if not needed, mostly screenshots.
Mergers are very helpful and are done a lot of wikis with similar/same topics. It has no true bad-sides and can be a positive experience.

User Rights
The initial plan of importing rights was that Bulla would be given chat moderator rights. Miri and MOG would be made administrators. All other rights at the moment are staying as they are. Feel free to comment below about rights.

The chat would be used for both chatting and role-playing, as Anime Arts was initially used for. We are going to hope to role-play much more and have it be more of an RP environment, hence part of the merger. Role-Play policies will most likely be re-written and be added to the policies page by the other admins and myself.
Also, on a personal note, it would be best if the wiki kept track of role-play sessions/episodes. Story-based Role-Playing always goes much more smoothly on RP Wikis and it seems much more professional to record episodes and events. For example, during an RP session, any events that occurred could be briefly summarized and added to an article, mainly to RP based on sagas/arcs.
However, the paragraph above is unofficial and would need more discussion. I'm just putting the idea "out there". Comment about this below.

Codes and Themes
The plan is that the codes on here will remain the same. The code is originally made and suits the topic well. Future suggestions will be accepted, but as of now, the themes and designs will remain as they are. Chat codes will stay the same as well, considering the fact the Party Mode is widely popular.

Wiki Name and ZCSF
For any of you asking the question, the wiki's name will remain Z-Crushers Strike Force. The members will be the characters for the primary fan fiction and content userbase. The members of the Anime Arts Role-Play Crew will be imported as well. Most likely, the two affiliations will remain separate.
TL;DR There are the primary plans about a merger. This could increase traffic and editing and can be very positive and helpful. Comment and vote below about the merger and what you think. Thanks!
Best regards --Yuzura☆炎のマスター
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