Avenge is a story created by Ultimate Tensa Zangetsu.

Chapter 1: Grave SightsEdit

Shadow sat near his father's grave, looking at the broken pieces of the tombstone.?

Nigel John Sukumo


A great hero, to Britain, to Europe, to America, to the World,

? His loyalness will not be forgotten,

? And will stay in all hearts, and he will stay

? inside his only son's heart, Shadow.

Tears couldn't stand to roll down Shadow's pale and saddened face, to see his father, gone out of his life. He was only 19 years old, and he couldn't live on his own yet.?

Shadow Nathan Sukumo's father, Nigel, was murdered at his Spain home on June 11, 2012. He was 65 years old. It was believed to be Chinese warriors, one by the name of "Nyane", the supposed leader. 

Shadow walked away from the dreaded grave, his eyes glowing red. His rage was going to break, for sure. He roared in the night, causing a glowing scarlet explosion across the field.

Miles away, in the city, a young teenage girl walked outside. She saw the beautiful red rose wave in the sunlight. Suddenly, she saw a sparking red light burst from the west. Wind started drawing towards her, and she slowly moved back.

"What kind of supernatural light is this?"

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