Bardock's Final Assault.

Bardock is the father of Goku and Raditz. He is a low-class Saiyan warrior, who is easily one of the most skilled fighters among Frieza's army. After being granted the ability to see into the future, by a Kanassan, Bardock realizes Frieza has no intentions of preserving the being of his fellow Saiyan race. He begins to experience which he originally believed to be superfluous delusions, depicting Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta. After recovering from the takeover of Planet Kanassa, Bardock decides to embark to the Planet Meat, the planet his team was ordered by Frieza to take over. Upon arrival, Bardock, one by one, finds his friends in critical condition. He is particularly angered due to the

Bardock being consumed by Frieza's supernova.

death of his best friend Tora. In remembrance of his friend he decides to wear Tora's blood-soaked arm band around his head. Shortly after, he soon finds out that Dodoria received orders by Frieza to destroy his Saiyan comrades, since their power was increasing exponentially and would eventually become a serious threat. After surviving Dodoria's attack Bardock hurries back to Planet Vegeta to warn his fellow Saiyans, though they do not believe him the slightest. Bardock then take matters into his own hands to personally confront Frieza. He relentlessly flies up to Frieza himself. He attempts to launch his Spirit Cannon, although it gets absorbed within Frieza's expanding Supernova. Bardock is then swallowed up by Frieza's Supernova like the rest of his Saiyan race. While this is occurring he has one final vision of his son Goku (Kakarot) defeating Frieza.