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Johnathan Drake




Demon-Human hybrid







Hair color


Eye color

Likely pale blue

Blood type



Jane Drake (daughter)

Nigel Drake (son)

Blaze is the main protagonist of True Golden Blaze's stories. He is the leader of the Last Teens group, as he is the wisest and oldest. He is the older brother and caretaker of his younger sister Raven. His power is given from the Inferno Demon of Hell. Once he reaches the Suppressed Inferno Demon Energy State, he cannot return to his normal form. He also has the ability to fuse with his human counterpart Johnathan to become Tenka, but if the fusion is corrupted, they become Oni Jonasan, and if Blaze fuses with Katharó Paladin, then they become Kento Akuma. His lover is Kindora Candle.


Blaze is pretty muscular, and yet, has a normal bodyframe. At age twelve he was 5'7, at age sixteen 6'6, and at age nineteen he is 6'10. He is extremely tall for his age, but he doesn't mind. He has strange light pale eyes, brown hair, and wears shades.

Under suppressed Inferno Demon energy, a red mark appears on his cheek, he attains red hair, red eyes, and finally takes off his shades.

When all of his Inferno Demon energy is released, he becomes a complete catastrophic Hell Monster, and he gets flesh-like red skin, and grows horns/spikes mostly everywhere on his body.


Blaze's Suppressed Inferno Demon Form

When he is using his pure born power (Tensa Zangetsu) he has black hair, and he wears a black-red gi and appears ghostly. He unleashes his sword, Kurozunda in this state.

Hiding in the ShadowsEdit

When he was ten, and was taking care of his younger sister who was three, he took the name Johnathan Drake, as he never wanted everyone to know he was a demon human.

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