Biological Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 175cm
Weight 90kg
Professional Status
Personal Status
Likes Money, killing bad guys...
Dislikes Evl guys, another pirates...
Physical Description

Blazer is a pirate that seeks for ultimate treasure and defeat all beings that are on his way.


He looks like Vegeta in Majin Buu saga, but with green suit, no eyebrows, scar on right eye, red, longer hair and two swords tattoo on his right arm.


He is neutral, sometimes he is withouth mercy, but sometimes he couldn't kill nobody.


For now, he has 100.000.000$, but he seeks for more.


  • Super Human- abbility of Humans with great power
  • Ki Blasts- ussual Ki Blasts
  • Ki Flight- ussual Ki Flight
  • Meteor Crash- attack that looks like meteor and has destructive power
  • more soon


  • He never was defeated
  • When he was kid, he killed 5 huge sharks; He had about 10 years
  • His biggest enemy is Evil Dragon from his nightmares

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