Story about Johnathan Diego and yeah his adventures as a 18 year old and yeah this has cursing/sexual actions/deep cursing and yeah that's it how about we start?

Part 1: Humid WindsEdit

Can't you see it? The little molecules inside the air moving at an instantaneous pace? Well if you can't, then you're missing out. The incredible power these reactions make is outstanding. There I held it in my hand, an energy ball circulated and concentrated into a single spot. Made of radioactivated modules of molecules.

Let's cut the science talk.

I'm holding an energy ball, a sphere full of heat energy. Seems boring now right?

~ Story transitions into 3rd person. ~

Johnathan clashed his energy ball into the wall, completely melting the wall away. He was bored as hell, his girlfriend was gone to Athens and his friend Anita had completely lost her cool after what her mum pulled on her. Yeah, he sat on his bed thinking about his youthful life. He wished he was younger so he wouldn't have so many worries in his life.

"What are you doing?"

Johnathan looked up to see his 14 year old sister Raven, looking at him with her curious glance. He turned his eyes away, which led to Raven forcibly turning his head toward her eyes.


Johnathan just sat there and stared.

"Are you dead or something?"


"Then what is it?"

"I'm bored."

"Then go walk out into the city or something."

"I don't like people."

"You apparently like women, dude, just go outside or something you're getting me worried about your self-esteem."

Johnathan sighed. His sister was right, he needed to do something to take his mind of his troubles. So he decided to walk outside into the street. Once he met the stinging sun, he immediately began to absorb it's solar heat, turning his hair even more golden than usual. After he was full, he was pretty much a glowing piece of person walking around with a heat signature of 245 degrees. He walked even further, to the road, where a car was speeding out of nowhere.

The car sprung across the sidewalk, and it was heading directly for Johnathan. As soon as the metal met his body, the front of the car completely melted away, leaving the drivers in shock.

"...What was that?!" The driver asked him in shock.

"Next time, drive better you drunk son of a bitch, you could have killed someone you dillpenis." Johnathan walked away down the neighborhood, where he saw random people in their yard.

As he was walking along the sidewalk, someone with a high pitched voice approached him from behind.

As he turned around he saw a black haired young girl, about 13 years old. She appeared 5 feet, and shy.


Johnathan looked at the little girl, and continued on to walking. The young girl grabbed his ankle and held on with as much force as she could.

"What do you want?" Johnathan wondered.

"I want to know who you are." She said.

"Who are you to say that?"

"I'm Melanie...Melanie Nicole. Just call me Miri, for Miricle."

"You mean Miracle, with an A?"

"No, with an I."

"Oh. Johnathan. Johnathan Shadow Diego."

"That name's cool!"

"Thanks, I guess, so, you need something else from me..Miri?"

"I need to tell you something."


"...I'm your daughter."

Suddenly Johnathan woke up from a dream. He felt that he was sweating. His body was undeniably steaming like a cooking vegetable. 

"What...was that?!"

"I'm not sure."

Sudddenly Johnathan turned his head to see Miri, appearing older, in front of him.

"Dad, are you okay?"

Johnathan went into shock and yelled into the heavens.


~ End of Part 1, Johnathan is left yelling, while Miri is standing beside him with a creepy smile. ~

Part 2: Sweaty NightmareEdit

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, BLOODY MARY?!" Johnathan yelled at Melanie.

"No, I'm your daughter." Melanie stated.

"But...I USED A CONDOM!" Johnathan also stated.

"...Not exactly. *troll*"

"So let me get this straight, you're my daughter.."

"Yep :3"

"I knew I shouldn't have did it without a condom..."

"It was your fault."

Suddenly, a brown-haired figure appeared out of the room. It was a male, appearing 15 years old.

"Blaze, it's me, Josh, you know?"

"Blaze..who/s Blaze?'

"You you dumbarse. Go home Blaze your drunk."

"I'm Johnathan Diego...not Blaze."

"We know that you're Johnathan, but you consider yourself Blaze Fire."


"If we're playing this game, I'm Joshua Reaper III, proud British dude....somewhat proud but you know what I mean."

"Ooookay we got that straight...what are you in my life?"

"Close friend, considered a son at times."


"Well, get out of bed Dad, you have to meet the others!" Miri said.

"...What do you mean by others?"

~ Chapter end ~

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