Brian Winglin is a character made by Nemba


Brian is a scientist, and has done experiments on himself. Because of this he has multiple stitches in him. He also added a bolt in his head for whatever reason. He wears glasses. He smokes all the time. He wears a white lab coat and a patchwork turtleneck under that.


Brian was born in Vancouver, Washington. When he turned 18, he moved to Springfield, Oregon to become a student at the University of Oregon. While there he was a linebacker on the football team. He joined the Marines, and was stationed in Hawaii for 3 years after graduating. He then fought in the Gulf War. After the war ended, he transfered into the National Guard. During this time he got married to Angie Winglin. They settled down and had two kids, Justin and Maddi Winglin. When Justin had turned 5, he was sent to Iraq for 2 years to fight. He came back unscathed. Now he is retired from the military, and lives in his mansion with the rest of the family.