Callan Levi Alborn is the fraternal twin brother of Ted Alborn He, along with Ted, are leading protagonists in Total War.


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Callan is much calmer than Ted. He is more of the voice of logic and reason, unlike his more hot-headed twin. Callan knows more practical skills, such as cooking, which he is good at. Callan is very cautious, especially in matters concerning the safety of his twin brother. Callan loves Ted dearly, and he is also loyal to his brother, staying by his side no matter what.

Early LifeEdit

Not a lot is known of Callan's early life. Callan lived with his brothers and parents on a farm his whole life, where both he and Ted were homeschooled by their father. It is implied that Callan and Ted's father died, but the cause remains unknown. Unable to keep the farm, Callan, his mother and brothers had to move to their apartment in the city.

While in Laurentime, Callan took on a few odd jobs to keep the family supported, and he also improved his practical skills, such as cooking. He and Ted, not having the time to go to school, became self-educated.

Pre-War eventsEdit

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Ted Alborn Callan is very close to his fraternal twin brother Ted, not allowing him to go enlist on his own. It is also implied that Callan aided in the treatment of the wound that gave Ted the permanent scar on his face. Callan and Ted are practically inseperable.

Damien AlbornEdit

Callan is a very loving older brother to young Damien, who he and Ted raised, for the most part. Callan and Ted both would usually walk Damien to school before heading off to school on their own.