Darku's usual appearance.

Darku is Goku777's brother and darkside that comes from another dimension called the "Dark Dimension". He has a daughter named Neoma, whom is only months old. He is friends with LT, Kotsu, and the others. He comes from a dark world that is full of evil, and although he is a darkside he has a good heart and cannot resist helping people in need. He normally resides inside of Goku's body and is one of the most powerful darksides. He has a lot of special abilities yet to discover which is because he once lost his memory while in the Dark Dimension which made him forget his old techniques. Putting their differences aside, Goku and Darku are really close (almost like twins), although they can fight at times they always resolve their problems and talk to each other again. In battle Darku is a force to be reckoned with because a lot of his abilities are already discovered and he can be a killing machine when fighting.


Darku is almost identical to his brother Goku777. The only difference is that his traning Gi is black, his hair is white and it stands up as if he was in his Super Saiyan transformation.


Darku can sometimes come off as arrogant but most of the time he is calm and joking around with everyone. He is usually found joking around with Kotsu and LT. He has a soft spot for kids too, as seen when around Kotsu's little brother Flan. Although he doesn't show it, he cares for Flan and considers the boy as his own little brother too.