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There was once a peaceful planet called Earth. 50 years ago the planet Collided with the Dwarf Planet Ceres. The only survivor, Goku, has crash landed on an unknow planet 790 light years away. Meanwhile a Saiyan yet to be discovered is living on small island as a pirate of the air. He is only known as Trias the Ravager. He is a happy-go-lucky teenager waiting for his next operation, This is where our story starts, on the Island of Paradise on the largest planet in the Universe, Gigia Ultima.

Chapter One: Unforgiving SinsEdit

"CANNON BALL!" Trias shouts as he lands in the water, "You are such a dumbass!" says ????, "Don't be so sour Ly-La.", Trias replies, "YOU COULD"VE CRUSHED ME!" replies Ly-La, " Fine, I'll be more careful.", says Trias while getting out of pool.
Three hours later; Trias is discussing a plan to steal the Omega Crystal, a crystal that powers the deadliest weapon in the universe, the Galbaldian Power Cannon. The cannon is known to have been used to destroy entire civilizations. The cannon was built as a science prodject to show how advanced the Empire was and that they could achieve anything. Everyone thought the cannon would be used responsibly, until they witnessed the destruction of Remmoxer, one of driest planets in the Universe. The event prompted Trias to stop the cannon from destroying another civilization. Trias's determination to stop innocent people from dying started when he saw Ly-La's parents get murdered in front of his eyes. He vowed he take revenge.
"Okay guys. ready to kick some fucking ass?!" , shouts Trias, " YES CAPTAIN!", answers his crew, " Then lets get that crystal!", ordered Trias. (property of Maijorbleachfankazisaski56)