His bedroom was strong with the scent of burning candles, fresh roses, and expensive wine. The room, bathed in an amber glow, as the sun began to dawn and the moon began to rise. Passion was filling the air, as Kotsu ruffled the double bed's covers, ready for a night of sweet love making with his special someone.  His heart couldn't contain the emotions he'd been feeling for so long, and was ready to let them explode in a sensual night of eroticism.

"Are you ready for the best thing to ever happen in your life?" Kotsu spoke softly, smiling a seductive smirk. 

"Look, I don't know how you found out where I live, you've gotta let me go!" TJ said, attempting to struggle out of the tight, sexy handcuffs, waking up from his drugged sleep. 

"Oh, but we haven't even begun our adventure  ..." Kotsu whispered, increasing his grin.

"My dreams may have denied me this pleasure, but now that I've managed to find you, I no longer need dreams anymore!"

"Someone will know I'm here." TJ said quietly, trying not to panic.

"Oh, I don't think so, myself." Kotsu replied, turning his grin into a sinister smile.

"You hear those slight muffled screams from the basement?"

TJ listened closely, and could now hear the cries for help below. 

"Well, those are our friends! Matt, Yami, you name it! It took me a while, but rest assurred, I got all the information I needed from them!"  <3

"It's time to get started.."

"No." TJ replied.

"I wasn't asking for your permission." Kotsu replied softly, leaning toward TJ to fufill his dreams, preparing to give him an experience he'd never forget.

The End.  

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