This is a short story created by Blaze. This story is about the final battle of N'Zaeo, the first Dragon Rider.

A Rider's Fight May Be His LastEdit

I was fighting a desperate war against the elf-human hybrids. I, on the battlefield, fired many weak spells at the opposed to block them off. Novotrix, the cause of this conflict, was siting on his throne like he was an unbeatable tyrant. I slay each of my enemies easily, plus driving through Komerza with little struggle (he was part of the Forsworn I, the deadly group of dragon egg stealers) The wind blows through my hair as I traveled across Navagaezia, and to the deadly home territory of Novotrix, the Sworn. The area was packed with thick magic, to surround and protect the tyrant from eventual slayers. I was going to be that slayer, so I raged to the main city of Novogan, where Novotrix lay himself at his throne.

I entered many encounters, including a magic barrier (which took guts to break through, and alot of spells)

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