Future Steve
Future Steve
Biological Information
Portrayed by Stevenduncan17
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Height 6'3
Weight 135Ibs
Professional Status
Affiliation Neutral
Personal Status
Relatives Steve -Pastself

Bulla - Wife

Jill - Daughter

Steve Jr. - Son

John - Son

Brendan - Son

Likes Future Bulla, Future John,Future Jill,training ,not being in prison
Dislikes annoying people,Kotaz,Vegeta
Physical Description
Hair Color Brown

Future Steve is the counterpart of Steve. He is the husband of Future Bulla. He is also the father of Future Jill and Future John.

Appearance and Personality Edit

He is mostly the same as Steve but is more understanding but just as rude it was shown when he was talking to. Steve and him got bored and told Steve to be quiet.


He hasn't done much except try and keep Jill from dating and John training.

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