Kid Goten Saito 3

Young Goten Saito

Goten Saito is a secondary protagonist in the I'm Just Saiyan series. He is one of the surviving Saiyans that escaped Frieza's plan to exterminate the Saiyan race.


Goten has black hair and dark eyes. His hair is long as a young child. He is small for his age, but muscular.


Goten is very kind and generous. He is also very good and pure of heart. He is a loyal friend, and he will do anything to protect his loved ones.

I'm Just SaiyanEdit

Aftermath of the TournamentEdit

Goten did not participate in the Youth Tag-Team Tournament, nor was he present, but it can be assumed that he heard of the tragedy that occurred.

He was present at the reunion Roshai organized, and he spent the day playing with Ted Reigen, LT Tiernan and DJ Badlock .


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