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Halo: Project TIGER is an episodic project by Guysponge22. The story takes place a few days after Halo 4, as Chief went missing, trying to find any part of Cortana to revive her. Episodes are released weekly, starting November 24th.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

"Attention Recruits," Palmer read, "you are here because you all graduated from the top schools provided by the United Nations Space Command. Remember, this isn't a damn game, so be serious, for at any moment you can die in war. Now... GET OUT THERE AND SHOW WHAT YOU ARE!"

Everyone around you ran, trying to enter the Infinity. Man, you think, to believe you could have passed Corbulo Academy at the age of 19. "Hey," one of your friends, Terris Richards, calls, "GET OVER HERE! WE'RE ABOUT TO LEAVE!"

"A'ight!" you call, running to the lobby. When you get there, you see some of your old friends: Tex (boy/girl), Terris, Jason, Kara and Ryan (boy/girl). In front, you see Laskey, 

Episode 2Edit

Episode 3Edit

Episode 4Edit

Season 2Edit

Episode 5Edit

Episode 6Edit

Episode 7Edit

Episode 8Edit

Trivia and How it was doneEdit

  • Unlike most stories, this is done in the second-person, inspired from the idea of FPS games.
  • This story was also inspired from when my cousin had told me about Cortana's death, and begged the question, "I wonder, how did the UNSC originate?"
  • Tex is indeed inspired from the same person in Red vs. Blue.
  • Anything with (example/example) means you can choose which you want.

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