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Innocent Till Proven Guilty is an original story detailing Hisana Biermann-Rao and her younger sister, Lauren's life.

Just a SisterEdit

I rose from the tear soaked pillow. I looked at myself, my purplish-black eyes drowsy as ever. A young girl with black hair so much like mine and black eyes slept. Little Lauren, I thought..little Lauren...

"Hisana." My mother. She had chocolate brown eyes with dark grey hair. She had a simple apron, blue sweatpants and a green shirt.

"Yes, mother?" My soft voice spoke.

"Should you wake up Lauren?" She pointed to Lauren's sleeping body.

"'re right, mother." I walked over to hear Lauren's soft breathing. My finger reached to touch her shoulder. I heard her move to the side. She reached for her sword, eyes closed and unsheathed it.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" She put her sword up to my face.

"Lauren! Do not use that language!" My mother frowned. Lauren's lips touched up in a slight smirk and her eyes opened.

"Sorry, mama!" Lauren grinned. I understood why Lauren was so hostile. Ever died..I remember the day like it was a second ago. I remember his black hair and black eyes..and his kindness..a single tear streamed from my face, followed by so many more.

"Hisana?" Mother and Lauren called my name. My eyes stung from the tears.

"Dad.." I murmured. I remember all about him. His gentlemanly behavior, the deep voice of his, even his little cherry birthmark.

"Makoto..." My mom's voice broke as she said my father's name. Lauren's hands stretched out and hugged my mother and I. Lauren was always the strong one. I heard sirens and shooting from outside. Screams and laughs were heard.


Swallow My WordsEdit