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Jeff Kanadzuchi Hanma


Jeff, Nemba, Nemnem






Jeff is skinny, but has some muscle tone. He has shoulder length, silver hair, and is often smiling. His eyes are green or gray, changing randomly.


He is most often bouncing off the walls, wanting to do all amounts of fun things and adventures. He will do anything for a friend, he shows mercy to all. Despite his easy going nature, if his friends or family are threatened; he grows intense and serious, wishing to destroy the cause of pain to his loved ones. He is very nervous when around girls, he is awkward when talking to anyone one-on-one.

Early Life

As a child, Jeff lived in a big house with his parents, and 2 brothers.  He never really had contact with an actual girl until he was a teenager, now it shows in his awkwardness. He was homeschooled until High School, and when he got there, he immediately joined the Football team, and started hanging out with the "Popular group." Once he graduated, he met Kotsu Reigen, they became friends. Kotsu asked him to join his new group, the ZCSF. He became friends with all the members. He is still a member today. He met and married a girl named Roolz, but she died in a car accident, along with their young son. Jeff mourned his loss, but got back to normal after a few months. He dated Luka, got dumped, and is back to being a bachelor.