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Johnathan is a story created by Johnathan Drake, a student. This story was inspired by the Inheritance Cycle.


Part 1: Kenva Falls

Johnathan was a boy who had to work for his earn. He lived with his cousin and uncle, Kumara and Nandez. In the small town of Kenva Falls, right off the mountains that took them away from Cansimera. Nothing really bad happened here, it was just a town that rained and snowed alot. Johnathan was just playing around with the sword his father left him before he died. Once Johnathan was playing outside with his cousin, his uncle called him inside for a talk.

"John my boy."

"Yes, uncle?"

"Do you know about the story of the famous Nýchta Kýrio sword wielders?"

"I don't know..."

"Just remember."


"Trouble will arise in the Nesmora lands, and the legendary Nýchta Kýrio will return again to slay the great evil King. I need your sword."


Johnathan gave his uncle his sword, puzzled His uncle ripped off a piece of old plastic off the handle, revealing a black skull.

"What is this??"

"Now Johnathan, I need you to pick up some things. Bring Kumara with you."

"Yes sir!"

Johnathan ran outside and brought Kumara with him. Meanwhile, a dark shadow peers out.

"You can't hide him from us forever..."

"Don't kill him....take me instead."

"That was what we were going to do..."

A few minutes later, a body laid on the floor.

The Marks

Johnathan and his cousin walked out to the small town, to pick up food. They walked into the man General Store, but the owner wasn't there. Johnathan was getting a shiver in his arm. He forgot about it and got the supplies he needed. He walked outside, and saw a creature like black footprint in the snow.

" this?"

Johnathan and Kumara saw the footprints leaving from where their house was, and so they ran there. After they came back, they saw the most horrific thing in their life.


No response.

"Don't leave us! We need you Uncle!"

No response.

Johnathan banged the floor in agony, and rage. For a minute, his body was overwhelmed, and with one second only..

"Spítha Nýchta!"

Suddenly, a dark sphere rushed out of Johnathan's hands, and blew the house apart with no struggle.

Johnathan became unconscious infront of his uncle's dead body.

What are those creatures?

Johnathan woke up in the same place he was. Kumara was sleeping behind him aswell.

"What, are those creatures? Who would eat uncle's body parts like that?"

Then, Johnathan saw a mark on the remaining of his uncle's head.


This must be what it is called....

Johnathan unleashed his sword....and stared at it.

"I know what I need to do now...."


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