This is the third chapter of Johnathan, inspired by Eragon of the Inheritance series.

This article, Johnathan Chapter 3: The Venture Begins, contains harsh language and violence. Read at your own discretion.

Part 1: Moíra Edit

Eventually, the uncle of Johnathan, the father of Kumara had died, leaving behind a trail of secrets in the sword of Johnathan's carry. The sword had a mysterious name, Moíra. It's spiritual power was sealed inside it's black, beautiful blade. The sword had many doubts in the history of it's wielding, and in this journey, Johnathan will indeed find his way across this dictator-stricken land.

"I need to go Kumara.."


"I know it's hard swallowing the fact that Uncle is gone...but....I never had a father or mother."

Kumara stood there, with mixed feelings. I can see the crying in her tears, and the nervousness that shook her body. I wish I could help, but I have an adventure to do.

"I feel sorry for her..." Navira was already talking like an adult dragon, and she spoke the truth. Navira has been with me since the adventure across the Zhade. She's connected partly into my mind, and she inhibits my power. I felt odd about letting a dragon into my mind, but I was her first sight at birth....

I brought some slices of meat, some bread, and a few bottles along with me. I took flight on Navira's back (she was fully grown the time I left) We left Kenva Falls, past the Hermine Valley, and eventually, towards the border of New Mera and Kakó.

Before we reached the border, right near Narvahall River, we met a gang of N'Nakas, but we were able to kick them out of New Mera territory, and into the Za-Zac Desert.

"There it is.....Kakó...the land of evil."

We stopped in nearby Semora.

While, in the night in a dark room, a mysterious long haired dark figure, and a woman laid in the night. The woman was atop the man. Suddenly, someone came in.

"Sir, someone just entered Kakó! He looks to have an amazing magic energy."

"What about it?"

"And he has a dragon.."

"*Sigh* Send him out there. Maybe he's ready for his first dragon hunt."

Johnathan and Navira both realize they were going to stay in Kakó for a while, even if it was kinda dangerous. The nearest town from where they were was Enzelda, and it was a big town, full of elves.

"Who in the world are you?"

Part 2: AryaEdit

"Who's talking?"

Johnathan turned around to see a woman in in leafy dress.

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