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 Jonas is a member of the Bōken no rīgu.


Jonas is very kind person who loves music and making others happy. He despised fighting, despite his amazing skills, but will fight to protect the peace. He is good friends with Matt, and Cecil, who are his teammates. His ultimate goal is to protect his teammates.


Jonas has shoulder length white hair and dark brown eyes. He wears casual clothes when around the league, but wears a leather rocker outfit when on a mission. This includes a leather jacket, no shirt, and leather pants. He is never seen without his electric guitar, which is the only instrument he actually plays, although he can play any instrument.


Jonas grew up in the Bōken no rīgu's castle, and is the child of one of the old members. His father died a few years before the events of  League of Magic, and he has never met his mother. He's 26 years old, and has been going on solo missions since he was 8. He began training at the age of 3 and continues to everyday.

Magic abilitiesEdit

Jonas relies on music to cause status effects on his opponents. If there is a song about it, he can make it happen. The only problem is that once he stops singing the effects wear off withing a minute. Although usually acting as the primary support of his team, he can create large beings such as tigers and hammers if he sings a song about them. Although creating offensive entities drains his power much faster than supporting does.

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