Justin Winglin is property of Jeff. He is loosely based off of the user JanembaFreak97.


Justin has black, short hair that is always covered by a red and white hat. He always wears a red and white jacket that matches his hat, and a blue undershirt. He has fingerless, black gloves.


Justin is obsessed with Manga. One of his favorite is Pokemon. He is so obsessed with it that he dresses just like Red. For his 8th birthday, his dad genetically engineered some Pokemon for him. These Pokemon run around on the mansion grounds, and he catches them in pokeballs if he really likes them. He is slightly insane, and suffers from bipolar disorder.


Justin's early life was simple. He never got in trouble at school, but was taken out during 2nd grade because his insanity wasn't good for the other children. He has a genius IQ, and uses it to do various experiments. He can be seen running around the forest, looking for things to experiment on.

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