The KCAC team is a crew led by KLFD. They go around making miracles happen. They are the modern Jesus and are known all over the world.


Sign if you are a member ;D

  1. Thomas The Train (defacto leader)
  2. Kai-Lan
  3. Batman
  4. Caillou
  5. Dat Swag


"I changed because of them." - Britney Spears
"FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!" -  Swiper the Fox, Diesel 10, The Joker, and (post your characters enemies here!)
"They are my children, brothers of Jesus." - God
"The theory of relativity was based off of them." - Albert Einstein
"Swagg, Swagg like Caillou" - Lil' B
"I stopped snorting cocaine and going out and licking cats that were in dumpsters in Brooklyn because of them!" - Jim the Salesman

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