ANH Kurbis
Kurbis as he appears in "A New Home"
Biological Information
Race 1/2 Saiyajin, 1/2 human
Birthday July 14
Gender Male
Height ??? (A New Home)
Weight ??? (A New Home)
Professional Status
Affiliation Saiyajin Clan of Earth
Personal Status
Relatives Kaizer (father)

Leek (older brother) Vegito (uncle)

Education Roshai's Fighting School
Likes Gatherings, ice cream, hide and seek
Dislikes Playing with girls, beets
Theme [[1]]
Physical Description
Age 1 (A New Home)
Hair Color Black

Kurbis is the half-Saiyan and half-human protagonist of the Saiyan Chronicles, which takes place in an alternate universe to the Dragon Ball story. The son of Kaizer, a Saiyan that stood up to Frieza, he and his older brother Leek have been orphaned and under the care of their "grandpa" Roshai ever since the day their home planet was destroyed.


As a one year old infant in A New Home, Kurbis has short black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin.


In A New Home, Kurbis' young age seems to have proved beneficial in his ability to transition from life on the Saiyan home planet to life on Earth. He is seen as being cheerful, friendly, and adaptable.




  • Kurbis' name is derived from "kürbis", the German word for "pumpkin". However, it is pronounced (CURB-iss) instead of the typical pronunciation, as it is missing the umlaut.

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