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Lee Meyer
Lee Meyer Profile Timeskip
リイ マイヤ
Rii Maiya
Vital statistics
Title 1st General
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction SOUL
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Deceased
Location SOUL Headquaters

Lee Meyer is the 1st General of SOUL and the sole survivor of the Midfield Incident. He was later killed by Hunter after he found out about the Bio-Sphere project.

Appearance Edit

Lee is a fair skinned man of a muscular build. He is of average height and wears his black hair spiked backwards.
His outfit consists of a standard SOUL Generals uniform with minor modifications including a strap to attach his sword to his back.

Personality Edit

Lee is a very laid-back and carefree person usually trying to find ways to relax during his missions, even going as far as sleeping during the flight to his missions. But when the time comes, he can be very serious; rising to the situation and accomplishing his mission.

History Edit

Lee was found laying amidst the rubble of his home town of Midfield by a SOUL agent after the BioSphere Project's Test subjects turned on the researchers and destroyed the town. After that he joined SOUL, quickly rising through their ranks becoming one of their elite agents and a general shortly after. He has often distinguished himself on missions; pulling through when no-one else could, saving lives and taking down scores of enemies on his own has earned him the esteemed title of "1st General."

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Speed: Lee is extremely fast, being able to deal with several sword strikes in mere seconds.

Enhanced Strength: Lee is extremely strong, being able to punch an enemy and send him flying into walls with enough force to damage the wall.

Enhanced Durability: Lee can withstand extreme pain and survive great falls that normal people could not.

Gallery Edit

  • Lee's battle stance pre- timeskip.
  • Lee's battle stance post- timeskip.
  • Lee before the timeskip.
  • Lee post- timeskip.

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