My name is Dan G. Odd. I don’t really tell people my full name just dan is fine, I know my name is weird but it doesn’t really matter because right now i’m just a pretty normal human who doesn’t like being in the spotlight. The reason i say right now is because I used to be something that couldn’t really be seen as human at all but I will tell you about that later. Oh yeah the reason I say pretty normal is because i still have some power from when i wasn’t human but it isn’t so much a big deal because I know people who make my power look like nothing. Actually this world is full of people who are like that. some of them have power which could be considered monstrous, others may not have any power but could have the exact qualities needed to save someone, and there are also ones with no power and who just live their lives having fun with their friends and family, each one has their own has their own story. Me? i’m none of those, i’m not the hero of the story trying to gather a party to rescue the princess nor am I the villain who wants to take control over the world or something. I’m not out for revenge for something that happened to me in the past and I don’t have some kind of secret power hidden inside of me. I’m not even friends with the hero or a minion of the villain. Me? I’m the guy who makes sure the story goes right. If you don’t get what I mean then I will explain, if you have read any stories before, seen some movies, or watch T.V then you should have noticed one thing similar between all of them, coincidence. Always coincidence is a big part of a story the protagonist might just happen to meet someone who happens to have the key to saving the world or just might have been in the place where an event happened and he got powers because of it either way coincidence is always an important factor.  People might call it fate or it was his destiny but whatever the person iam is the one who makes sure everything goes right. I won’t be the one who saves the princess but i will be the one who makes sure the princess can be saved. I am not the main character or even a  side character I am not on the stage in the first place i am behind the curtain telling the lead his lines in case he forgets or telling the character when they should get on stage. That is who I am and I am happy doing it when everything is on the right track I am really happy. And if you are wondering why I want to do this then I will tell you. I do this not because I think it is my responsibility or because of some event in my past. I don’t i am the one who has to do this because only I can and I don’t think I have to do it because i think someone has to do it. The reason I want to do it is just because I want to i am happy just being able to see everything going right.

Dan wakes up and gets out of bed. He lets out a big yawn and then goes to the window and looks outside. The sky is covered in dark clouds and its obvious its going to rain.

Dan: “ what gloomy weather.”

he then goes back into his room and gets dressed after getting dressed he goes into the kitchen and grabs a bowl of cereal. after eating he pats his sides and looks around the room

Dan: “ now where did I put that thing.”

He looks around the room and then

Dan: “ oh yeah.”

He goes back into his room and finds a journal right next to his bed

Dan: “ right where I left it.”

The journal is small, black and all it has is a sentence on the front that says “ Love what I do.”

Dan opens the journal and flips the pages    

Dan: “ don’t have any plans today huh.”

Dan closes the journal and puts it in his pocket, grabs an umbrella while walking to the door opens the door and goes out

Dan: “ Then lets leave it to chance.”

he closes the door and walks off

It has started raining and a girl is sitting in an alley way alone getting hit by the rain. she is looking forward at the wall in front of her with a blank look on her face. Then Dan walks by and sees her out of the corner of his eye. he walks up to her and sits next to her.

Dan: “ you don’t seem homeless so I guess you're sitting out here for a reason.”

She doesn’t move at all

Dan: “ You know I could be one of those guys who attacks girls when they are alone and when no one else is around.”

no reaction

Dan: “ although if i had to guess you probably think you deserve something like.”

She looks at him from the corner of her eye and then looks back at the wall.

Dan: “ guess i was right.”

they sit for a couple of minutes not doing anything. then she finally speaks

Girl: “ why are you doing this.”

Dan: “ you finally speak but what do you mean.”

the girl looks at Dan

Girl: “ I mean what is the point in sitting out here in the rain?”

Dan: “ Me? i’m sitting out here just because i want to, what are you doing out here?”

the girl then looks back at the wall

Girl: “ you were right before, I do deserve this. I hurt the first person who ever tried to help me, I hurt him in a way that can’t be undone.”

Dan: “ what did you do.”

Girl: “ I killed his mother.”

Dan: “ I see that is pretty bad.”

Girl: “ His mom was in the wrong place at the wrong time and because of it I killed her.”

Dan: “ was it really your fault.”

Girl: “ yes it was.”

The girl chuckles a bit

Girl: “ strange I don’t why but I actually feel like telling you about.”

Dan: “ if you want to go ahead. I don’t mean to brag but I am a pretty good listener.”

Girl: “ My family was horrible. I was just a kid and my dad was abusive to both me and my mother. One day, I was watching as my dad beat my mom but then she stopped moving completely. I was able to tell that he had killed her and then he noticed where I was and started to come after me so I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. shaking and incredibly scared that he would kill me too and then  I stabbed him with the knife multiple times when he came into the kitchen. Then as I watching blood flow out of his body and blood all over my hands I ran out crying still with the knife in my hand. what happened next is what I really regret. When I was running away I was in a state of shock and then I came upon a woman carrying some groceries she saw me she gasped and dropped her groceries and asked right away if I was okay. She then started to get close to me but as she moved closer I thought of my father and attacked her with the knife. I stabbed her right in her heart and she fell over to the side with the knife still in her. I ran away and hid somewhere crying the entire time with the blood still all over me. The cops found me about a day later they were able to figure out what happened and the husband of the woman decided not to press charges after hearing what had happened to me. Then after getting some help I was able to go back to school but I was always alone. My life was like that until high school when I met him. Everyone else never got near me but he just came up and started to talk with me and even if I told him to leave me alone he just continued to talk to me. After he started to talk to me more people started to get near and after awhile I realized I was having fun being with all of them but then I found out that his mother was the same person I killed. When I found that out I didn’t know what to do, whenever I see his face I see the woman on the ground, the knife in her chest with blood flowing on the ground and blood all over my hands.If he finds out he will definitely hate me and I don’t deserve to continue to have fun with him. I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

It is still raining and Dan is still holding the umbrella. Dan looks at her, she has completely hid her face, Dan then looks forward.

Dan: “ you could start by apologising.”

Girl: “ there is no way an apology would be enough to make up for the pain I caused him.”

Dan: “ I wonder about that.”

the girl looks at Dan

Girl: “ what do you mean, I killed his mother you don’t think something like an apology can make up for that do you?”

Dan: “ I mean I wonder if he has suffered as much as you think.”

Girl: “huh.”

Dan: “ he probably did suffer when he found out his mother had died. But when you first met him did he look like he was suffering?”

The girl puts on a surprised look but it goes away quickly

Girl: “ he didn’t look like he was pain, he smiled a lot and made everything more fun. but how could he forgive me for what I did.”

Dan: “ would you be able to forgive yourself if he did.”

the Girl puts on a surprised look

Dan: “ You aren’t just scared of what he’ll think of you if he finds out but you are also scared of what you will think of yourself.”

Girl: “ what do you mean.”

Dan: “ you said that you were all alone until he came right? That wasn’t just because no one ever tried you never wanted anyone to get close to you.”

Girl: “ why would I want that?”

Dan: “ because you wouldn’t of been able to handle it. You had already started to hate yourself for what you did so you didn’t what you would do if the people around started to hate you too.” Girl: “thats-”

Dan: “ you probably came up with a lot of reasons why everything happened so you could live with yourself but if people around found out what happened and they blamed you and hated you for it, you thought you would have just been better off dead.”

The girl has started looking toward the ground

Girl: “ you're right.” she says quietly

Dan looks at her  

Dan: “ huh.”

Girl: (yelling) “ you're right okay.” no longer yelling and she looks at Dan  “ every time I looked in the mirror I would see myself covered in blood with the knife in my hand. I was so scared of what I looked like and I was scared if others saw me like this. What if they saw, they would blame me, they would be scared of me, they would hate me. I was so scared of everyone around me so that if anyone got near me i would always push them away. but...but...but no matter how hard I tried he wouldn’t leave me alone, he would always try to talk with me and get me involved. After he started more people would come along and talk with me, we made a club, we helped some people, and it was always so much fun. but now i’m more scared than ever. What will they think, what will he think, blame me, fear me, hate me. I don’t want to be alone again but I just couldn’t take it if they started to look at me like that.” She stops talking and they look at each in silence for a few seconds then she looks back down at the ground

Girl: “ so how do you feel about me now. I made the son unknowingly help the very person who killed his mother. there is no way I deserve forgiveness right.”

Dan looks away from her and towards the wall in front of him

Dan: “ I don’t know. but what I think is that you are making yourself suffer a lot more than he did.” the girl look at him

Girl: “ what.”

Dan: “ I mean from what you told me about him he is having a lot of fun with his life right now. which means even though he suffered in the past he is able to live now.

Dan: “ If all you think is about are the bad things then all you are going to see are the bad things. Instead of thinking about the past, think about what you want now.”

Dan gets up leaving the umbrella on the ground

Girl: “ wait your umbrella.”

Dan: “  you can have it, consider it a thank-you for talking with me.”

Dan looks at the sky

Dan: “ although i’m not sure you will need it for much longer.”

Dan starts to walk away

Girl: “ wait.”

Dan stops and looks back

Girl: “ who are you.”

Dan looks forward, puts on a small smile and starts to walk away

Dan: “ just a guy who happened to walk by.”

he waves goodbye while walking away then puts hand back down and turns the corner the girl gets up and goes to the end of wall and looks over the corner but doesn’t see anyone, she then goes back to where she was sitting before and grabs the umbrella and walks back to the end of the alley way. she then opens the umbrella

Girl: (thinking) “ don’t just think about the bad things.”

the girl then remembers the image of herself standing over the women with the knife in her chest and herself covered in the blood

Girl: “ like things are that easy.”

the girl then starts to walk in the other direction Dan walked

Dan is sitting on the edge of the roof of the building where the girl just was, looking at her walk away.

Dan: “ things aren’t often that easy.”

He takes out his journal and opens it then puts on a smile

Dan: “ but sometimes things just happen and it all works out in the end.”


This about a little bit more than halfway through the first chapter, this is the first time I posted online so I don't know how much I should put 

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