This page is property of AlmightyTailsDoll (talk) 03:12, February 16, 2013 (UTC) Miles is a relatively young warrior from a small village located in a far away place.


He looks like an elf with green clothes.

Toon Link

Young Miles


A Blue Sword with no name

A brown bow with arrows

A small blue instrument

Link playing Ocarina

Miles when in his older form

Lamp Oil




Koikiri Village


Viridan City




"The heart is a strange tool, but it protects all of us from sadness."

"You gotta believe in yourself!"


Farm boy

Hero Of Time

Servant of Kings

Protector of Dames

Age ChangeEdit

When he first discovered he was the hero of time, he was but a young 14 year old, then there was a time skip and he became 18 with the power of the Ocarina.   His adventures are just beginning....

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