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"Hello, Rao-san."
— Nora, addressing Goku


Nora Biermannis Hisana Biermann-Rao's cousin from her father's Saiyan side. She is teased because of her freckles and is 17.


Nora is dissimilar to Hisana in terms of personality, and has an odd tic to use Japanese honorifics. She is a quiet, reserved teenager, preferring to keep to herself. She seems aloof, but has a kind aura about her. At one moment, she could be assisting you and in the other, ignoring you; a true enigma. Nora inherited her genius from her mother's side, but shows her quiet, kind and mainly Saiyan side, shown when she refused to let others cut her tail. She seems to be arrogant, letting out a snicker when others suggest that they're the strongest.


Cori has oddly styled, red with a slight hue of black colored hair that barely brushes past her shoulder. She has a curl of hair that sticks up. Nora has freckles on her tan colored skin. She has jet black eyes with the smallest fleck of red. Nora wears a sleeveless blue shirt with blue and white sleeves. She wears white, baggy jeans with disproportionally sized blue and white sneakers. Her Saiyan tail is reddish black and is wrapped around her waist.



  • Nora has the red hair and slight fleck of red in her eyes because she is a hybrid of an unknown race.
  • She is related to Hisana because Nora's father was Hisana's father's brother.


  • Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility and Enhanced Senses- Being part Saiyan, Nora has better strength, agility and senses than the average human.
  • Flight- Nora can fly using her ki.
  • Ki Sense- Nora can sense the ki, or life force, of anything.
  • Ki Usage- Nora can utilize her own ki to make red colored blasts.
  • Oozaru- She can utilize the great ape form of Saiyans.


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