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Oni Jonasan
Corrupted Johnathan Suppressed Form
Corrupted Johnathan suppressed
Biological Information
Race 1/4 Human (constantly decreasing) 3/4 Demon (constantly increasing)
Birthday November 30
Gender Male
Height 6'9 (grows to 6'11)
Weight 145 lbs. (grows to 195 lbs.)
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Johnathan (counterpart)

Blaze (counterpart)

Jane Drake (counterparted daughter)

Nigel Drake (counterparted son)

Likes Anything dead
Dislikes Anything living
Physical Description
Age 19
Hair Color Silver
Skin Color Apricot (continues to become pale)

Demon Johnathan (鬼ジョナサン; Oni Jona-san) is the corrupted fusion of Blaze and Johnathan. Due to the fierce argument between the Demon inside Blaze and the sword's connection to Johnathan, the fusion becomes broken, and the demon takes almost nearly complete control of the fusion's body. Johnathan's sword is no longer black, but it instead turns white, and his eyes are a mix of the demon's and Johnathan's sword's eyes. His body is now surrounded by a shell, with piercing bones stretching out of the body. Blaze's demon seal is now shown on his back, as well as the increased protection seals.

Second FormEdit

His shell becomes even more inpenetrable, and the inner skeleton of the fusion's body is now covered by a jacket, with the protection marks now showing up around the coller of his neck, appearing as a necklace. The jacket itself is an external part of the shell, His sword becomes an ax containing deadly mystical powers. 6 dark demon energy balls surround his body, and Johnathan/Blaze are no longer in control of the body. The eyes are still retained from the previous form. This form can be known as Satan's Demon Death Wish, or Rokkukaijosaretajigokunomon (Unlocked Hell Gates). His seal becomes increasingly weaker, but it still retains the demon's full power.

Corrupted JohnathanBlaze 2

Second Form

Demon ReleasedEdit

This form is when the Demon completely breaks the seal on Johnathan's back and it's complete power is released. This form has not been attained due to the fact that Blaze and Johnathan have not yet become strong enough to weaken the seal on their own.

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