The Three Pronged Seal, invented by Kaizer Reigen

Power-Binding Seal is a kind of seal placed on a User that binds a Second being and their power to a User. 


Seals were first invented by the Dragonbloods, who used to seal additional spiritual energy to their draconian mounts. Occasionally someone would be sealed with dragon-like powers, and these people were usually princes to the Dragonbloods, known as Reigemannzer'

The Reigemannzer were the only humans known to have a seal used on them until Kaizer Reigen learned the Dragonblood way of placing seals on human beings. He then began to test the method himself, and discovered the intense power seals could contain, which led to his creation of the Three Pronged Seal, one of the most powerful seals invented.


Kaizer discovered that a true seal would only work if it had been tattooed. However, one could only create a true seal with the venom of a snake. Each venom would have a different affect than the last on the seal.

Types of SealsEdit

Three Pronged SealEdit

Kaizer's most well known seal, it is the one he placed on his infant son, Kotsu Reigen. The Three Pronged Seal is the most ingenious seal created yet, as each of the three components served the purpose of one individual seal. The seal was tattooed onto Kotsu with the venom of a viper, a cobra, and a rattlesnake, each component of the seal being scripted in the venom of a different snake.

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