Thirteen year old Kotsu Reigen, enduring one of his first Power Surges.

This article, Power Surge, is strictly property of Dark Seeker Kotsu.

Power Surge is an event similar to a transformation that occurs in a user (requiring a binding seal of some kind, as well as a second being) experiencing great emotion.


A Power Surge is caused by the bond between the user (who possesses the physical body) and the second being (possessing the supernatural energy level). Second beings, always being non-humans that possess dark energy to balance the user's light energy, have such intense energy. While the user is emotionally and mentally stable, the energy's use is regulated to fit what the user's body is capable of working with.

A Power Surge is created when the user experiences great negative emotions such as anger, frustration, despair, or sorrow or extensive trauma. The intense emotions or trauma negate the soul and mind's ability to regulate the power abundant within the body, and this results in an overload of power too great for the body to contain.

The weakened state of body, mind, and soul cause the second being's corrosive power to corrupt the user, often resulting in the dark power manifesting in the user's very being or personality. 

The intense power obtained send stronger signals from the brain to attack or destroy whatever it is that has caused the disruption of power and state of disorder within the soul, mind, and body. 

If the user is a Saiyan and is using Super Saiyan form, this makes matters even more severe, as Super Saiyan form has been known to possess a higher inability to grasp control of the power and leads to a more dangerous aftermath in the wake of destruction a Power Surge has been known to cause.

For users like Kotsu Reigen, Power Surges are especially dangerous, even deadly, and may trigger a Natural Dark Transformation, such as Creedtsu, which is a dangerous form to be forced into. Power Surges of this nature are usually coupled with intense physical pain, as the energy is even more corrosive than usual, and the very suddenness with which the corruption occurs is too fast for the body to take in, resulting in excruciating pain.


Power Surges physically manifest in different ways, pending on the user. For Kotsu Reigen, it creates a glowing golden aura similar to the one accompanying Super Saiyan transformations. However, when as Creedtsu, the aura becomes purple. For some users, it may not even physically manifest itself at all, or it may do so in a very small way. This makes it harder for those unlearned about Power Surges to tell when one has come on in another.

Relationship with Schattenmacht usageEdit

Power Surges and Schattenmacht (or dark manipulation powers) use are usually closely related, as many users learn Schattenmacht through a Power Surge. Notable users who have learned how to manipulate their Schattenmacht through Power Surges are Taiza, Jay-B, and Yoshimitsu Reigen.

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