Seff is one of the pack born to Bardulf and Ula. He is the third born in the pack, younger than his sister Ulva and brother Marrok, but older than his sister Accalia and his brothers Lykaon, Hemming, Rudiger, Ulrik, Kenyon and Faolan. He is entrusted to Callan.


Seff is a gray and white male wolf pup. He has dark eyes and dark gray paws.


Seff is far more cautious and intelligent than his brothers. He doesn't make nearly as many risks and is more for careful thought and planning than he is for direct action. Seff enjoys eating trout, napping, enjoying down time while watching Callan and playing with his brothers and sisters. Seff plays with his younger brother Lykaon the most, though sometimes he will play with Rudiger.

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