They arrived at the training field again ready to use their Bankai's again.

LT: Hope you two can at least make us a bit tired.

Goku: Was that a dare?

LT: Indeed.

Goku: Okay then but I will make Captain Ella tired Ill leave Cocoa to take care of you.

Cocoa: Sure.

LT: ....Well then I hope she can make me tired.

Goku: Oh she will don't worry right Cocoa?

Cocoa: Of course.

Goku: Okay then lets start.

Goku, Cocoa, Ella and LT: BANKAI!

They activated their Bankai's again and started training without a single break.

Goku: This is easy!

Ella: I must say your Bankai is strong.

Goku: Thank you.

LT: I never though she would make me a bit tired.

Cocoa: Never underestimate your opponents now.

LT: I know that.

They kept fighting until they suddently stopped.

Goku: Huh what's wrong?

LT: We give up but the training doesn't end here...

Ella: Your next opponents are here.

Cocoa: Next opponents?!

LT: Indeed.

Ella: Goten, Jeff come on out.

Goten: Hiya.

Jeff: Finally some fun.

Goku: Are you kidding us we are already tired!

LT: Your Bankai's are powerful so try to end this as soon as possible then.

Cocoa: ...Wow.

Goku: Okay then Ill take on Jeff...

Cocoa: I guess Ill take on Goten then.

LT and Ella: Good luck.

Goku and Cocoa: Thanks...

Goten: Are you ready?

Jeff: Of course.

Goku: Yeah.

Cocoa: Yes.

Goten and Jeff: BANKAI!

They both activated their Bankai's to begin the next session of Cocoa and Goku's training.

Goten: I'm not gonna hold back now.

Jeff: Same here.

Goku: This is about to get fun.

Cocoa: Very.

They all got ready as Goku and Cocoa started the next part of their Bankai training.

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