Jeff: Wow so you passed through all that while training?!

Goku: Yep.

LT: That is incredible.

Goku: I know.

As they kept talking they saw Kotsu walking toward them.

Goku: Please don't tell me its a missi-

Kotsu: Indeed.

Goku: Crap so what's the mission then?

Kotsu: I'm gonna send you and Cocoa alone on this mission, by the way. Now, you will have to go to Hueco Mundo again to kill a Vasto Lorde class Menos.


Kotsu: I don't need to repeat myself.

LT: But those kind of Menos are hard for a captain level Soul Reaper! Surely they probably won't be able to handle it.

Goku: Gee, thanks for having faith in us.

LT: I'm sorry Goku, but I'm telling you the truth.

Goku: We will take the mission, right Cocoa?

Cocoa: *is a bit nervous* Yes...

Goku: Ah don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you.

Cocoa: I know...

Kotsu: Good luck.

Goku and Cocoa: Thanks...

LT: Be careful. A Vasto Lorde is NOT easy to kill.

Goku: I know, it's the highest class a Menos can reach.

Jeff: I envy you, I wish I could go.

Ella: Be careful you two.

Goku and Cocoa: We will.

Goten: If you two die, I will never forgive you.

Goku: ....We won't...anyways are you ready to go Cocoa?

Cocoa: *nods*

Goku: Can anyone open a Senkaimon? I still haven't learned to open that.

Cocoa: ...I will then. *opens a Senkaimon*

Goku: Ah well...thanks.

Cocoa: Your welcome.

Goku: Well stop, Hueco Mundo.

LT, Ella, Goten, Jeff and Kotsu: Good luck.

Goku and Cocoa: Thanks.

They both passed trough the Senkaimon, and after a long walk through the Dangai they finally reached Hueco Mundo.

Goku: This place never changes huh.

Cocoa: Appears so.

Goku: So lonely and

As they started looking around a mysterious figure with a spiritual pressure similar to a Vasto Lorde's approached them.

???: Who are you..?

Goku: I am Goku and this is Cocoa we are looking for a Vasto Lorde that we need to kill.

???: ....Is that so eh.

The mysterious figure soon revealed itself as the Vasto Lorde they were looking for.

Goku: Uh-oh, watch out Cocoa! This is our target!

Cocoa: Okay!

???: My name is Shabba and now prepare to die!

Goku and Cocoa: ....Dude that name is so lame.

Shabba: ....Screw you both, now prepare to die!

Goku: Yeeeeeeah Cocoa release your Zanpakuto first.

Cocoa: Okay....Ass Sode no Shirayuki. *releases Zanpakuto*

Goku: Okay no- Wait what?

Cocoa: What if I say that my Zanpakuto releases even more power.

Goku: ....Seems legit...anyways Awaken and Destroy Kuroiken! *releases his Zanpakuto*

Cocoa: The release command changed?

Goku: Yeah turns out that just saying awaken released part of its power I said the full release command.

Cocoa: Oh okay then.

Goku: Lets go!

They both started to fight the Vasto Lorde as they slowly started to slow down due to the Vasto Lorde's spiritual pressure.'

Goku: At this rate we will die.

Cocoa: Bankai?

Goku: ...Sure

Goku and Cocoa: BANKAI!

They both released their Bankai as they started to fight the Vasto Lorde again only to start slowing down after sometime.

Goku: This is just impossible we are still slowing down with our Bankai's activated

Cocoa: I know...

Goku's Zanpakuto started to glow as the Arrancar Axel got released completely and struck down the Vasto Lorde in one hit.

Goku: What the...

Axel: Surprise i'm back!

Goku: How did you get released?!

Axel: The more you trained the more stronger I got its that simple.

Goku: ....Damn it I only made it worse.

Axel soon moved toward Goku stabbing him trough the chest.

Axel: That's just payback for sealing me back the other time.

Cocoa: GOKU!

Goku: Damn it I left my guard down...

Cocoa soon rushed to a dying Goku's side as Axel escaped trough a Senkaimon to the Soul Society but not before sealing their abilities to summon a Senkaimon.

Axel: And with that I bid you farewell I have a whole world to destroy.

Cocoa: Damn it Goku please don't die!

Goku: It appears my year of training didn't pay off huh...

Cocoa: It did just don't leave me here please!

Goku: Sorry I can't do anything about it now but before dying I will give you something.

Goku placed his hand on Cocoa's cheek allowing her to summon a Senkaimon again.

Cocoa: What did you do..?

Goku: You can go back to the Soul Society again now go and protect everyone.

Cocoa: I won't leave you here!

Goku: Just go please.

Cocoa: Okay.

Cocoa soon left crying trough a Senkaimon back to the Soul Society as Goku faded in a flash of light.

Cocoa: I must warn them qui-

As she arrived in the Soul Society she found that it was completely ruined already by the Arrancar Axel.

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