A lot of sparks could be seen as the Zanpakuto's of captain LT and the Arrancar clashed.

LT: Can we end this quick I have a world to save with my friends.

???: Why end it if we haven't even started properly.

LT: ...Great.

???: Let's see who is stronger a Soul Reaper or an Arrancar...

LT: You really don't want to know *rushes at the Arrancar and attempts to slash him*

???: *blocks it easily* Is this all captains have..? How disappointing.

LT: Damn it so Arrancar tell me your name..

???: My name is Zack.

LT: Nice well know the name of the one that's gonna kill you my name is LT and i'm a captain at Soul Society.

Zack: Nice to know but don't get so overconfident we haven't started yet!!! *slashes LT across the chest*

LT: *a lot of blood comes out of his chest and he retreats* Damn it I let my guard down...

Zack: How pathetic at this rate Soul Society will be destroyed completely!

LT: Someone is getting overconfident now TAKE THIS! *fires a red beam from his Zanpakuto at Zack as he deflects it easily*

Zack: That was nothing..

LT: Ugh at this rate I will die.

Zack: Ready to give up?

LT: Hell no! BANKAI! *activates his Bankai and quickly moves behind Zack to slash him finally landing a hit*

Zack: *moves foward a bit* That was nothing! *blasts LT with a wave of fire*

LT: Ugh you are strong...more than I expected.

Zack: Impressed? And that you haven't seen my full power!

LT: What?!

Zack: BURN, DRAGON! *releases his Zanpakuto and quickly moves in front of LT stabbing him in the chest*

LT: *coughs some blood* Crap...

Zack: I told you that you were gonna die here.

LT: I'm not done yet! SOUL RESURRECCIÓN! *activates the Soul Resurrección and appears with a sword and wings made out of pure red energy*

Zack: What the hell?!

LT: Whoa this is awesome I feel stronger now! Get ready Zack cause now its gonna be the other way around!

Zack: Grrr DAMN YOU! *blasts LT with a giant wave of fire*

LT: *easily deflects it elsewhere* Tell me are you afraid now thhat i'm stronger than you..?

Zack: SHUT UP! *starts blasting LT a lot of times with powerful waves of fire*

LT: *doesn't do anything and a big cloud of dust covers the battlefield*

Zack: ....Finally he should be dead.

  • the dust clears and LT appears unharmed*


LT: Oh it is possible! *rushes at Zack and slashes him across the chest this time*

Zack: *retreats while holding his wound* I will never accept that a pathetic Soul Reaper surpassed me!

LT: Get used to it.

Zack: I'm going to kill you! *starts charging a giant blast of fire*

LT: Uh-oh *starts charging a lot of energy in his Zanpakuto*

Zack: TIME TO DIE! *fires the blast at LT as LT fired his beam at the same time*

LT: This is fun and your gonna lose!

Zack: I'm not gonna lose NEVER! *fires another blast to make his first blast even bigger*

LT: Whoa! *a mysterious figure with green clothes and a hat appears besides LT*

???: Don't worry i'm here to help you.

LT: ...Okay then.

???: Now concentrate and when you see that his blast gets weak put all your power into the beam okay.

LT: Roger that! *keeps watching closely as an opening forms in Zack's attack* NOW! *puts all his power into the attack breaking Zack's blast and hitting him with full force*

Zack: ...Damn it how could this happen.... *he has a big hole in his chest as he then dies on the ground*

???: *disappears*


Goten: *on the other part of the battlefield* I'M TRYING TO FINISH THIS QUICKLY!

LT: I wonder who that was....oh well *walks away*

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