It's been a year since Goku left to train. A lot of things have changed in the Soul Society. Cocoa became Ella's lieutenant, Goten became a captain, Jeff became the new lieutenant of LT's squad and LT just kept doing his job.

LT: Wow, I miss Goku. It's so silent without him.

Jeff: I know.

Ella: I kinda agree with LT on that.

Cocoa: I don't "kinda agree", I agree completely.

LT: ...Wow.

As they kept talking, the intruder alarm went off disrupting the peace.

Guard: Intruder alert! I repeat, intruder alert! This is not a drill!

LT: Wow someone got into the Seireitei how...weird.

Cocoa: Yeah, I thought the gate guardians were gonna stop the intruder.

Goten: I just got a message from the guards. They say the four gate guardians were defeated while trying to prevent the intruder from passing.

Ella: That is just...impossible.

Jeff: Holy crap, he must be strong then.

LT: Enough talk, let's go to check what's wrong.

They all went to search for the intruder as a young man with long hair walked through the streets of the Seireitei.

???: Wow, what a nice way to greet me after one year...guess nothing's changed huh.

Jeff: Hey...are you the intruder?

???: ....Wow, you were promoted to lieutenant. Congrats then.

Jeff: Answer my question! Are you the intruder?

???: Aww, you talk too much. Yeah I am the "intruder".

Jeff: Well, I'm gonna have to ask you to come with me.

???: No thanks, I am looking for someone.

Jeff: ...Who?

???: Her name is Cocoa and I know that you know her.

Jeff: ....Who the hell are you..?

???: An old friend.

The young man soon left the scene leaving Jeff wondering who he was.

???: That was a close one.

Goten: Stop there, I'm gonna have to ask you to come with me quietly.

???: Oh God not you were promoted to captain. I guess things DID change after all.

Goten: ...You are?

???: An old friend. I am looking for Cocoa, have you seen her?

Goten: ...I was talking to her earlier, but I haven't seen her after the intruder alert went off. Now can you tell me who you are?

???: Fine...

The young man showed Goten his face leaving Goten a bit surprised.

Goten: .....Welcome back, old friend. Now go and keep looking for her.

???: Thanks.

LT: Goten, did you see the intruder?

Goten: ...No I didn't.

LT: Damn, he's sneaky.

Goten: Yeah.

The "intruder" kept running to avoid fighting the people of the Soul Society.

???: Come on, where are you Cocoa?

Cocoa: ....Dance Sode no Shirayuki. *freezes ???'s feet*

???: ...Oh crap, wait.....damn, my feet are frozen.

Cocoa: Finally someone stopped you.

???: Oh come on, everyone forgot about me!

Cocoa: ...What..?

???: How can you forget me? It's me...Goku.

Cocoa: ...That has to be a joke. You don't even look like him.

Goku: That's because you haven't seen me for a whole freaking year! Of course I am bound to change, especially my hair.

Cocoa: You have a point there.

Goku: Indeed, now let me go. This ice is cold...obviously.

Cocoa: ...Okay. *unfreezes Goku's feet*

Goku: Thank y-

Cocoa: *hugs Goku* I missed you a lot.

Goku: Me too.

Cocoa: Oh and look, I became a lieutenant.

Goku: Ooooooh awesome.

Cocoa: Yep.

Goku: How is everyone?

Cocoa: Fine. Goten became a captain, Jeff became LT's new lieutenant, LT kept doing his job and I became a lieutenant.

Goku: I see...well that's cool.

Cocoa: And what were you doing in this whole year?

Goku: Training, just in case Axel got released someday.

Cocoa: Oh...I noticed you look different since the last time I saw you.

Goku: It's the hair right?

Cocoa: Haha no, not only the hair. You look stronger too.

Goku: Ah, well thanks then.

Cocoa: You're welcome.

LT: Cocoa, you found the intruder!

Cocoa: Tell everyone to lift the intruder alarm.

LT: Why?

Cocoa: This is no intruder, its Goku. He came back.

LT: Is that you Goku?!

Goku: ....Its totally the hair, but yeah it's me.

LT: ....Yeah it's the hair, but welcome back!

Goku: Thanks.

Jeff: GOKU!

Goku: Well, at least someone didn't notice my hair first.

Jeff: I did, I just heard you talking to Captain LT.

Goku: ....Okay then.

Jeff: Welcome back.

Goku: Thanks.

LT: Before everyone finds us here, let's go to my house.

Goku: Sure.

Everyone went to LT's house, where Goku started to tell them the stories of when he was off training.

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