Jeff: Don't expect us to hold back.

Goku: I know that.

Goten: Well then lets go.

Cocoa: Good luck Goku.

Goku: Thanks good luck to you too.

They all began training without resting even once.

Jeff: Wow Goku your Bankai is strong.

Goku: Indeed.

Goten: I could say the same about Cocoa's.

Cocoa: Thanks.

Goku kept training with Jeff until he started to create a fire dragon to try to knock Goku out.

Goku: Crap!

Jeff: Are you scared?

Goku: No...

Jeff: Good.

He launched the dragon at Goku but as it almost hit him the dragon went to where Cocoa was and hit her knocking her out.

Goku: You idiot what did you do it was only training!

Jeff: Told you I wouldn't hold back.

Goten: True now you will have to fight us both alone.

Goku: ...Damn you

Jeff: Don't worry she's not dead she's just errr sleeping.

Goku: Shut up you weren't supposed to knock her out!

As LT and Ella saw Goku and Jeff argue they felt a change in Goku's spiritual pressure.

LT: What the...

Ella: This feels like....

LT: Its the Arrancar Goku being angry is probably making him try to break free.

Goku: Ugh...

Jeff: You okay?

Goku: No I feel dizzy.

Jeff: Well then get some rest.

Goku: No after what you did to Cocoa I won't i'm gonna kill you if I have to now.

LT: Oh no...

Ella: Someone stop him!

They all saw in horror as Goku began to partially get controlled by the Arrancar.

Jeff: ...Goku?

Goten: Jeff stay back I don't think this is Goku.

???: You are correct and for answering right you get a gift and that is DYING!

The mysterious Arrancar soon rushed to where Goten was slashing him across the chest and knocking him out in the process.

Jeff: Oh crap.

???: It feels so good to be free and just so that you know my name I Arrancar Axel.

LT: Hey idiot give us Goku back.

Axel: Too late for that he called me here so i'm staying now.

Ella: You speak to much you idiot now give Goku back or we will take you down.

Axel: Try to first.

Ella: With pleasure.

Ella rushed to try to take down Axel but as she tried to strike him she noticed that he was already behind her.

Axel: Where you saying something about taking me down..?

Ella: What the hell?!

LT: Ella watch out!

Axel soon slashed Ella too knocking her out he then rushed to knock out Jeff to leaving LT alone.

LT: Damn it someone wake up.

Axel: Tell me...are you scared of me?

LT: ...Shut up.

Axel: Thought so.

LT and Axel soon began to battle as Cocoa weakly got up.

Axel: Goku is happy to be trying to kill you.

LT: Shut up he would never say that.

Cocoa: G...Goku?

Axel: Ah look who woke up Goku's special friend.

LT: Don't you dare Axel.

Alex: Too late!

Axel rushed to strike down Cocoa for good as LT got in the way taking the strike for her.

LT: Cocoa do as I say and run.

Cocoa: No I have to bring Goku back!

LT: ....As much as I hate too say this good luck.

LT passed out leaving only Cocoa and Axel on the field.

Cocoa: Goku come back please.

Axel: Oh don't try your voice won't rea-

Goku: Shut up you idiot and give me back my body!

Axel: This is impossible...this can't be.

Goku soon started to fight Axel's influence off as Cocoa saw him struggling.

Axel: Damn you this won't be the last time you will see me when I come back you are all dead.

Goku: Shut up for once will you!

Goku won against Axel's influence making him retreat back into Goku's Zanpakuto soon Goku fell on the floor exhausted.

Goku: Did I do all this to everyone...?

Cocoa: Well you where being controlled...

Goku: Damn it.

A few weeks after that incident Goku is seen packing things.

Cocoa: Where are you going?

Goku: I'm gonna go to train.

Jeff: Oh well then ill train even more to become strong.

Goten: Same.

LT: Take care Goku.

Ella: Bye.

Cocoa: Ah for how long will you leave?

Goku: Don't know but still I just wanted to say to everyone...forgive me for what I did during the training.

LT: Its okay.

Goku: Okay then bye everyone.

Goku said bye to everyone but as he started to leave everyone came running to where he was and gave him a goodbye hug.

LT, Ella, Goten, Jeff and Cocoa: Bye Goku take care!

Goku: Hehe take care everyone.

He soon departed to train for the crisis that was gonna await them later.

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