Notice: Now you readers can consider this chapter non-canon, considering I'm dead in the main story and alive here now. Don't complain.... please, enjoy.

Goku: I am so bor- Wait what date is it.... *checks the date* ....YES IT'S THANKSGIVING!

LT: *enters Goku's house* Indeed, and Miri and I will have a Thanksgiving dinner at our house and we are inviting our friends, soooooo wanna go?

Goku: Such a stupid question; OF COURSE I WANNA GO!

LT: Oooooooooookay then I will see you later.

Goku: Okay.

Jeff: ....Thanksgiving dinner?

Goku: ....The hell did you come from?

Jeff: Don't ask I am just like this.

Goku: ....Fair enough but yes there is gonna be a Thanksgiving dinner at Miri and LT's house.

Jeff: ...AWESOME!

Goku: I know i'm gonna totally go.

Jeff: So are you gonna bring Cocoa with you eh?

Goku: ....Yes.

Jeff: Knew it.

Goku: ...Yeeeeeah anyways lets go invite our friends.

Jeff: .....Race you to their houses.

Goku: ...Your on.

Goku and Jeff soon rushed out to invite their friends to the Thanksgiving dinner.

Goku: GOTE-


Goten: Errr sure.

Goku: Screw you Jeff, next stop Ella's division. *gets up and starts running*

Jeff: ....Pft I can totally win this. *rushes past Goku* TRY TO CATCH ME SLOWPOKE!

Goku: Son of a...I got it! AWAKEN AND DESTROY KUROIKEN! *releases Zanpakuto and makes a giant cloud of dust blind Jeff*


Goku: *rushes past Jeff and reaches Ella's division* COCOA, ELLA THANKSGIVING DINNER AT LT AND MIRI'S HOUSE YOUR INVITED!

Ella: That's Captai-

Goku: *rushes of to LT and Miri's house*

Cocoa: ....Wow he seems to be in a hurry.

Ella: The idiot called me Ella!

Cocoa: I know.

Goku: *reaches LT and Miri's house* I'm here!

LT: Wow that was quick.

Goku: Indeed.

LT: Well as you can see we are preparing everything for the dinner.

Goku: *sniff* I smeel TURKEY!

Miri: Yep i'm cooking the Turkey.

Goku: Cool do you want help in preparing the stuff?

LT: Nah its okay you should go get prepared.

Goku: Right. *leaves for his house*

LT: He is so energetic.

Miri: I noticed.

LT: ...Jeff are you gonna get prepared?

Jeff: I already am.

LT: ....Legit.

Jeff: Yep.

Cocoa and Ella: *enters LT and Miri's house*

LT: WHO INVIT- Errr Hello there Ella and Cocoa.

Ella: For the last damn time that's Capt-

LT: Yeah yeah.

Ella: ....Screw you.

Cocoa: Hello there Miri and Captain LT.

Miri: Hi there!

LT: Hello and please call me LT here.

Cocoa: Oh okay.

LT: So everyone is here the only person left is Goku.

Jeff: Don't forget Got-

Goten: I'm here.

Jeff: ....Nvm then.

Goten: It smells good.

Jeff: I know right?

LT: Well Miri is the one cooking what did you expect?

Miri: Aww thanks LT.

LT: Your welcome.

Goku: *enters the house* I'm her- Wooooooooooooooow you all came here fast.

Jeff: No your just slow.

Goku: Ah shut up.

Miri: The food is done.

Goku, Goten and Jeff: FOOD!

LT: ...Did you eat at your houses before coming here by any chance?

Goku: Of course not.

LT: ...Okay.

Miri: Okay everyone go and sit while I serve the food.

LT: You heard her.

Goku: Sure.

Everyone went to sit at the table while they all waited for Miri to finish serving the food Jeff was already planning something.

Jeff: Hey Goku want to race?

Goku: Again?!

Jeff: Yeah but this time its to see who finishes eating faster.

Goku: ....Sounds fun.

Cocoa: Your gonna get a stomach ache.

Goku: Nah my stomach can resist a lot of stuff.

Miri soon came with the food and put it in front of everyone.

Goku: Smells good.

Jeff: And it looks good.

LT: And it tastes good.

Miri: Enjoy the food.

Goku: *glares at Jeff* Thanks.

Jeff: *glares back at Goku* Yeah thanks.

LT: ...Oh no.

Jeff: START! *starts eating very fast*

Goku: *was already eating* This tastes awesome!

Goten: Oh God. *is eating slowly*

Cocoa: They just never stop. *is eating slowly too*

Ella: I know right?

Cocoa: Yep.

LT: Oh well just hope they don't get a stomach ache.

Goku and Jeff: DONE!

Goku: Aww damn it was a draw!


Miri: Sure. *goes to serve Goku and Jeff some more food*

Jeff: Give up.

Goku: Hell no.

Miri: *comes back with more food* Here you go enjoy.

Goku: Thanks.

Jeff: Thanks.

Goku: SECOND ROUND START! *starts eating*

Jeff: *starts eating*

Goku: I'm so going to win this!

Jeff: DONE!

Goku: WHAT?!

Jeff: Told you I would win.

LT: Wait for it...

Goku and Jeff: .... *stomach growls* ...Crap!

Cocoa: I warned you.

Goku: Oww my stomach!

Jeff: ...Race ya to the bathroom?

Goku: ....YES! *throws a fork at Jeff and runs*

Jeff: WHOA! *evades it* YOU BASTARD! *runs behind Goku*

Goku: *enters the bathroom* I WIN!

Jeff: Oh God HURRY UP!


Jeff: Oooooooh *is holding his stomach*

LT: When will they stop with their races.

Miri: No idea.

Ella: They look like a bunch of idiots.

Cocoa: Still warned them.

Goten: Its actually fun watching them race.

Goku: *comes out of the bathroom* Phew that felt good.

Jeff: ABOUT TIME! *enters the bathroom*

Goku: Aaaaaaaand crap look at the time I gotta go thanks for the food Miri. *rushes off to his house*

Miri: Your welcome aaaaaaaaand I was late.

Ella: We have to go too thanks for the food too Miri.

Cocoa: Yeah it tasted awesome.

Miri: Thanks!

Goten: I second that I love your food Miri.

Miri: Thanks.

Goten, Ella and Cocoa: *goes back to their houses*

LT: Only one left is Jeff.

Miri: Yeah he had a horrible stomach ache.

LT: *knocks on the door* JEFF ARE YOU ALIVE IN THERE?!

Jeff: YES! *open the door* All better.

LT: Wow that was fast.

Jeff: Indeed well I gotta go now too bye and Miri the food was incredible.

Miri: Thaaaanks.

Jeff: Your welcome. *goes back to his house*

LT: What a fun night.

Miri: Indeed.

Goku: *back at his house* Oh God i'm never eating fast again.

Jeff: ....Race ya to see who falls asleep faster?


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