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Tenka Jonasan
Tenka Normal Form
Biological Information
Race Human (decreasing) Demon (increasing)
Birthday November 30
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 195 lbs
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Corrupted Johnathan Blaze (fusion counterpart)

Johnathan (fusee)

Blaze (fusee)

Physical Description
Age 19
Hair Color Reddish-orange golden
Skin Color Normal white

Tenka is the successful fusion between Blaze and his demon, and Johnathan and his sword capabilities. When the Demon allows Johnathan's dark sword magic to mix with his own ominous energy, the fusion successfully completes and Johnathan and Blaze become Tenka. Tenka's hair is now reddish-orange and golden. His eyes are the same color as well. His energy is now more controlled and concentrated into one body. The demon's seal is no longer seen unless Tenka is shirtless, then it is shown near his lower stomach, around his crotch area. This form is the correct counterpart of Corrupted Johnathan Blaze.

Final FormEdit

This form is unlocked only when Johnathan and Blaze accept merging blood, and giving their bodies to the demon, At this moment, the Demon's blood becomes the mix of the two, allowing for them to safely join with the Demon's body and also safely unlock the seal to become the Final Form, Tenka Sukōchi (Ignited Scorch).

Final Form Tenka

Possible FusionEdit

This is a hypothetical fusion by Tenka and Oni Jonasan, to create a new order of life, known as the Will of Fire. A possible appearance of this fusion was seen in Blaze's nightmare. It has a very devilish appearence.

Possible Fusion Tenka Oni Jonasan

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