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This article, The 200th, contains harsh language and violence. Read at your own discretion.

Wow there! This story contains graphic violence and language, you sure you wanna read?

The 200th is a fanfiction written by Guysponge22 starring The Sponge.


Shit happens, I thought to myself. I had been reading a good book written by Kotsu. Good lord, was it good. I hald only planned on reading the first nine chapters, finding myself now on chapter fourteen of the twenty-chapter behemoth. As I set the book down, I saw an odd light getting bigger...

Shit happens.

Chapter 1: Out of Everything ElseEdit

An hour later, I saw a heart-rate moniter, and I saw Kappa. He was sitting next to me, reading the same book I had been reading, except it looked like he'd just started.

"Kappa," I barely spoke out. He looked at me, quite shocked: "So you finally woked up, huh?" I asked him how I ended up here, confused.

"Oh yeah," he started, "well, some meteor was charging at you. The ambulance came, surprised you didn't die-" I rolled my eyes at his comment. "-as I was saying... they came, shocked. You had no severe damage, just a dislocated hip and a fractured leg."

I looked at him, shocked. How in hell did I only manage a fractured leg? Just... HOW?! I got out of the hospital bed, feeling fine. 

"Dang," Kappa remarked, "healed rather quickly. I mean, you came a couple hours ago." I replied, "Yeah... weird." He looked at me surprised, and wanted to go train. I sternly replied with a 'no', seeing as how I didn't want to do anything too early. 

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