Written & Produced by Charlotte, aged 8. 

I: The Beginning of the BeginningEdit

As he clutched his covers tightly, Ted tossed and turned violently, as the dreams began to take form. 

The dream was scattered, and was drifting, drifting....

He couldn't believe his eyes. 

TJ was standing atop a gargantuan mountainside, gazing into the sunset as the wind blew his hair. 

In complete awe, Ted gazed at TJ until he could gaze no more, because looking at the sun's not recommended. 

TJ slightly twisted his head, as he noticed the presense of his little admin brother-in-arms. 

"TJ, these dreams, they must be telling me something!" said Ted softly, slowly walking toward TJ who was still standing motionless near the cliffside.

"I . . . I cannot fight these dreams anymore!" 

"They're a sign. It's staring me right in the face!"

TJ continued to stay silent, allowing Kotsu to speak further. 

"We have a connection. You've been at my side for so long. Despite your constant bans, your constant rulebreaking, goddammit TJ, we've got something!"

"I believe in it, don't you?!"

"I cannot hold it in anymore!" "TJ, we must be together for eternity, you keep returning to my side after all the hardships, all the struggles!"

"I . . .  love you!"

"No." replied TJ. 

The End. 

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