Chapter 1 - RegretsEdit

Waking up from his bed-soaking dream (wink), Ted jumped out of his covers and scurried downstairs, faster than a redneck on Black Friday. 

He needed to make the most important visit of his lifetime. And his next lifetime. No, of all lifetimes. 

The disappointing ending to his dream wouldn't stop him from telling the person of his dreams he needed them. Forever. 

He somehow found him. I'm too lazy to explain how, but he did. True love, man. Don't question it. 

"TJ!!!" Kotsu gazed at TJ's eyes, and galloped toward him, holding his arms out wide, letting the strong breeze fill his lungs. TJ turned around, as if, he didn't want to look at him.

"TJ! Please! My dreams, they were telling me lies! I need to know for sure, I've been waiting for too long!"

"All my life, I've been searching. On Google maps, on iPhone maps, on all the maps! For the answer".

TJ kept his hands in his pockets, and was still turned away from his pleading friend. 

"I've consulted everyone I know and love about this! I've thought about it very hard!"

"Some said meh, some said cool lol, and some even said I don't care! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!? They're not negatively affected!"

TJ continued to stay silent, allowing for Kotsu to melt out his heart. 

"TJ! This could be the greatest day of our lives! Before it all ends! Before we run out of time!"

"I need you in my life! Ever since we met on Dragon Ball wikia, all the pains and turmoils of our relationships we've gone through, they're building TJ! Into something bigger. Something better!"

"You're my light to my candle! My strings on my violin! Without you, I'm nothing, goddammit!"

"I need you. You're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me!"

"TJ, I love you . . . will you . . .  marry me?"

"Yes" TJ replied

"REALLY!?" asked Ted, preparing to jump in excitement.

"No" replied TJ. 

The End. 

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