In the pitch black sea of darkness, otherwise known as a midnight sky, clouds slowly roll in. As the night begins to fade into morning, the clouds roll away, revealing the sun once more. But this time, the sun shows not light, but darkness. Trees and other plants begin to decay, as us humans fetch candles for lights. All though, the street lights shine bright and tall, as one of our last sources of brightness. After many hours of stress and sadness, a flash of lightning appears, and thus, the street lights run out of power. This is how the terror begins.

Many people were looking for warmth and lightness, but these few people found a lighter and some old sticks from a non-decayed tree, and made a small campfire. (Characters: Hikari, Josh, Wilder, Sarah, Chaya, Gavin, Melanie, and Jaysse.)

Melanie sits back down by the fire. "This fire is too weak, therefor, it probably won't last very long at all.", she states. Gavin replies without a beat, "Stop your complaining," "It's not like this can get any worse." he said. Melanie stands up, folds her arms, and walks away holding a candlestick.

"Great going." Hikari says to Gavin in a sarcastic tone. "I'm gonna go find her, I'll be back soon." Hikari says as he gets up. "He thinks he's so great...hmph." says Gavin.

"I can see Melanie's candle light!" says Gavin. "Wow, that was quick.", says a mysterious girl lurking in the shadows.  Gavin grabs a pocket knife and walks towards the girl, "Show yourself!" Gavin says. The girl walks out of the shadows, "I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Sarah. 'Been watching the fire for awhile." Sarah says.

Melanie walks back to the fire, sees Sarah, and pulls out a hand gun. "Who are you?!" Melanie asks her in fright. Sarah responds saying "Just one of the scared folks, looking for warmth.". Melanie puts away her gun and sits back down.

Melanie then realizes that Hikari is missing, "Hey, uh...where's Hikari?" she says. Gavin replies saying "Uh...we thought he was with you...". Stunned and shocked faces on them all.

Characters included in this fraction of the story:

Accel world kuroyukihime render 2 by mekdrax-d55fmw8Yurippe (1)Anime guy render by feary bad day-d5s4834Elliot nightray render by ohmypink-d5gr985

Left to right: Sarah, Melanie, Hikari, and Gavin,


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