This is a fan-fictional story created by KLFD. He will edit it every once in a while, whenever he feels like it. Now, how about we get the show on the road!


Plantek sighed a sigh of relief. Relief that he was almost done. He had been working for months, and the experiment was almost complete. He was a Saiyan, a race with incredible powers working for a space tyrant named Frieza. "Cursed idiot," Thought Plantek. He never liked being under the oppression of Frieza. But that is all about to change. He bought an infant Saiyan from a poor family. He experimented on the child. He injected elemental abilities into the child, hoping he could use him against Frieza. At 2 months old, he subjected the child to Lightning abilities. At 4 months old, he got the Fire Element. Lastly, he got the Darkness Element at 6 months old. Plantek was exhausted. At that moment, Plantek's assistant, Kumburr rushed into the room, with a fearful face. "Plantek! Come quick!" "Darn,  what is it this time?" asked Plantek. "See for yourself!" Plantek walked out of the building, to see Frieza and his army in the sky, with a lone Saiyan. Plantek recognized the Saiyan as Bardock, someone he had healed. He and Frieza conversed for a bit, and then everything was a blur. A giant Supernova was heading for the planet! In a hurry, he rushed back to the Saiyan infant, and put him in an attack pod. He sent the child to an uninhabited planet, with the exception of the animals. He prayed that the child would make it and have a safe journey. Then, everything went dark.

Chapter 1: The Adoptive ParentsEdit

To be continued....Edit

Meanwhile, you can read my updates of this :D

  • 8/17: I decided to make a fanfic. I hope I can come up with a better name xD
  • 8/20: I named the new chapter, but I was too lazy to actually write anything.

Tell me in the comments how good it is. I might ask for someone to come in the story every once in a while, so stay tuned :P

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