"The Following is a random story I pieced together of two legendary races. Good day."
— DJ


V - Graphic Violence

S- Sexual Content

L - Strong Langauge

The Story's PrologueEdit

Alright, look. I've really got no time to explain this so I'll just summarize. My name's Jackson Parker. I'm 25 years old, and I'm a member of a maincenter race in the Universe. Even with that, I've still seen crazy shit, like a baby being sent from Extremes to Earth. A war starting between the Cosmicians and Extremians, again. But every fucking mistake I've made came back to haunt me. Either way, the world's fucked up. And I'm taking it in me to save it.

Extremians: JacksonEdit

It was a sunny, joyful night. What was even more joyful was waking up in bed knowing I fucked Sarah. I looked beside me and saw her passed out under a shitload of covers. But then, I found out how much trouble I actually was going to be in, judging as how she was the Head God's daughter. I guess I grew a couple of balls that night, because Sarah seemed to find them. Anyways, after regrouping and getting situated, Sarah and I decided to stay secret about last night. I gathered up with my pals, Ken and Jacob, and hit the town. We didn't expect our days to take a shitty turn, when some Flame Knights came out of nowhere and attacked us. I pulled out my sword and stabbed one. Got fucking blood all over my arm. Ken, however, was doing a SHITTY ass job. The Flame Knight toyed with Ken's ass like a prick. Jacob saved the day though. Came right behind the Knight and cut the bastard with his dagger while blood spewed everywhere. Everything was great, then I saw Sarah about to get hit the longest ass sword I ever saw.

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