The Z-Crushers Strike Force is an attack force created during the Alscheim Wars by the children of the combatants in the main force. The Z-Crushers Strike Force was notable for being comprised entirely of children, with its oldest member and leader, Jaikob Reigen, being just eleven years old when the group made its debut. 



During the Alscheim Wars, the Z-Crushers planned to combat the incoming Alscheim threat by joining forces and coming together as an army. The group, originally started by Kotsu Reigen and Lloyd Thompson, rejoined forces and began to assemble at Varden Plateau for the incoming confrontation. Most of the combatants were adults, but a few children and teenagers were allowed to join in the form of Ralph EndewulfStriker Thompson, and Taiza Reigen. The younger children raised great complaint at this and Jay-B confronted his father on it, insisting they must help. 

It was Yoshimitsu Reigen who suggested the children become a strike force and catch the enemy by surprised via an aerial assault conducted on them, with the children riding the dragons. The adults got together and voted on it, with a majority consensus deciding to allow the children to participate in this manner. It was settled that the children would serve their debut in the battle of Varden Plateau, the first entry in the war. 

Battle of Varden PlateauEdit

On March 14, the forces headed out towards Varden Plateau. The Z-Crushers split from the main force at Paw Mountain, setting up base in Grizzly Cave. There, Jaikob Reigen had them run through drills and decided on the child-dragon partnerships for the battle until Yoshimitsu received the telepathic transmission from Kotsu regarding the beginning of the battle. The children boarded their dragons and took to the skies in formation, using the cloud cover to cloak themselves from the enemy. On Jaikob's command, the force dived-bombed the enemy in formation, with the dragons breathing fire over and clawing at the Alscheims. The strike force proved to be highly effective, killing numerous Alscheim foot soldiers as well as accounting for the deaths of some of the captains and assistant captains. 

Members (information provided as it was at the time of the battle)Edit

Jaikob ReigenEdit

The eleven year old second son of Kotsu Reigen. He was made the official leader of the Z-Crushers Strike Force despite being a timid and mild-mannered boy. His desire to assist the adults is partly what led to the creation of the Z-Crushers Strike Force. He led the forces to Varden Plateau atop Kotsu Reigen's dragon, Jakarys. At one point in the battle, he left Jakarys and allowed Yoshimitsu to take temporary command of the Z-Crushers Strike Force while he helped on the field. He took on and defeated 10th Assistant Foritach Malsur before joining his cousin Adrian Rao against 3rd Captain Estver Kelyer. 

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