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Onestar EdutWelcome to the Z-Crushers Strike Force Wiki

This is a wiki based off of the team ZCSF or Z-Crushers Strike Force owned by Dark Seeker Kotsu, who found the group and it is co-led by his comrade, Lil' Trunks (who was the primary creator of the wiki itself). If you like writing fan-fictions (of any kind) and creating original stories and characters, this wiki is the place for you.

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Make sure you look at our Rules and Policies.

Onestar EdutNote from Site Administration

When LT and I first began this site a year ago, we had no idea that the site would gain such a following. To this day, this wiki is the no-man's land. This wiki is an improvised cast of some of the best of us from other wikis that became the runoff. Users that felt restricted by strict policies that kept things PG-13 and lower, to users who found themselves in wikis too loose could mingle here and feel the right balance of things. That is why this wiki is like the "American dream" of all wikis. Here, any man or woman may be able to gain power and wisdom, and gain respect from other users as they show the full extent of their knowledge and creativity.

For all new users: I suggest you submit your first characters and stories. Both fanfictional and original stories are allowed here, and many of us frequent these kinds of stories, offering encouragement and critiquing. Here, you will find the men and women you belong with.

A warning to current site administrators and chat moderators; if you have not edited soon, your rights are due for removal. We highly encourage that you be making edits or some form of contribution frequently to improve the site traffic and content levels. You do not get to keep your rights for doing nothing and they will be turned over to someone else willing to prove themselves beneficial to this site and its cause of allowing people to explore the depths of their greatest imaginings and their wildest dreams.

Happy editing! - Dark Seeker Kotsu

Onestar EdutThe Page of the Week

Luke Flynn is Menocia's husband, Johnathan's/Blaze's father and Jane's, Nigel's grandfather. He is the one who gave Johnathan Kurozunda, his old sword. Most of his personality and appearance is what Johnathan takes. He died a heroic battle to save his final baby boy, Johnathan, against...(Read More)

Onestar EdutKotsu's Philosophy Corner

To pee or not to pee? That is the question.

Onestar EdutTjakari's Rant

The First World or the Free World as some may call it seems to be built upon the suffering and misfortunes of those who have been trampled upon in their quests for greatness, power, and control. One would expect the government of this "Free World" to censor this information, to make it as hard to find as possible and to even destroy all evidence. No, it's common knowledge yet there is little outcry, as people of this First World have grown proud as men do, and the decadence of this world grows stronger each generation as the complacency grows and the hardships and toils of all other who do not bare the privileges that we and our forerunners have have taken for themselves. It would be nice to say a comeuppance will come, that those of the Third World will rise up and topple the "Free World" and break its hold on the lives of the have-nots, but it won't because the hold on power is strong and the only way to destroy the status quo of the world at large is for the haves to break themselves into nothing allow for the vacuum to be filled; and even in so doing the cycle will repeat and the grudges held will not fade and the era that would come would be one even more suffering as the joyful and ignorant bliss of our decadent society would be replaced by one just as powerful but malicious in its nature and we in that new world would be food for the dogs and nothing more.

Onestar EdutImage, Quote, and Word of the Week


"Fuck it till it breathes"
— Tjak


Something required as part of an agreement.

Onestar EdutGenerals and Colonels

Kotsu banner LT Banner MOG banner

Onestar EdutMajors, Captains, and Lieutenants

Goku777 - Major

Tjakari - Captain
SSJ4 Vegito - Captain
Monét - Captain

JanembaFreak97 - Lieutenant

Onestar EdutEditing Statistics

Today's Top Worker is Matt!

Worker of the Week is Blaze.

The User of the Month is someone who helps the wiki a bunch and deserves some credit. The user of the month is nobody so far!

Onestar EdutLT's Song of the Week

Dinosaur Laser Fight - NSP02:31

Dinosaur Laser Fight - NSP

Onestar EdutCredit Coders

Thanks ShermanTheMythran, Rappy_4187, Joeytje50, Sactage, Monchoman45, Mr. Steal-Yo-Gurl, Lil' Trunks, Madness and people for codes used in our chat and other things.

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